Friday, February 22, 2013

Failed DIY :( Then SAVED!

On my last post, I talked about lipstick doubling as cream eye shadow  That worked perfectly! So, me being my smart self, thought: "What if I made cream eye shadow out of old, cracked pressed powder eye shadow?" Yeah no, don't try it. Total fail. I watched several Youtube videos on how to do this and looked up some recipes. All of them required crazy ingredients that no one, in their right mind has on hand. (Unless you run a meth factory) Anywase, halfway through my browsing, a light bulb went off. What if I used my coconut oil?! You see, coconut oil is an interesting product. Some facts:
*Can replace butter, margarine, and liquid cooking oil
*Will burn if overheated
*Solid below 76 degrees Fahrenheit
*Liquid above 77 degrees Fahrenheit 
1 tablespoon of it has 12 grams of saturated fat!

Okay so most of my thinking came from the liquid and solid temperatures of coconut oil. I thought that if I heated up the coconut oil and mixed it with the eye shadow, then put it in the refrigerator it would harden and become a more creamy eye shadow  This worked to an extent. As soon as I took it out of the refrigerator, it was a very creamy eye shadow, the only problem being that it wasn't very pigmented. But within  10 minutes my creamy eye shadow had turned back into liquid! Oh no! It was too messy and wouldn't smear well. :(

Super Madolyn to the rescue! One of the pallets I had made was black and grey colors. I took them out of the eye shadow container and put it in a rinsed out gel food coloring pot. Now I have a gel liner! Ahhhhhhhh I love myself sometimes. :D To apply: Use a super tiny brush and dip it in the gel liner and brush on eye. EASY!

You are all beautiful,
Madolyn <3

Lipsticks Double as Cream Eye Shadow?

A couple weekends ago I was at a show choir competition with my friends and we were all sitting in our room getting our makeup on and one of my friends had this Revlon cream eye shadow. She let me use some of it and it was the most amazing thing ever! You just use your fingers to put it on and it was full of rich, deep color. I loved it! Again, with only $2 to my name, I was broke. So I came home and tried to figure out a way I could dupe it. I don't wear lipstick on a regular basis but I had a shimmery light pink in my makeup bag I had bought for homecoming, a mauveish color from dance the year before, and a bright red from musicals. *flash back* ......When I was little, when my mom would put my makeup on me for a dance recital, she would use red lipstick on my cheeks to get a brighter colored blush......
So what if I put it on my eyes as cream blush?! Oh wait! now I can also use it as a cream blush! I swear, lipstick has so many uses! Now I will go to my local dollar store and spend my $2 on cheap lipstick to use as cream makeup products! Woooo! Yay for being thrifty! Oh BTW, any kind of cream eye shadow creases very badly so I would suggest using your favorite primer. You can make your own here:
Anyone want a tutorial for a look using "cream" products?

You are all beautiful,
Madolyn <3

DIY Bronzer

Snow Day = DIY Day!
So it's winter right now and I really hate being white. I actually use a self tanning lotion which I can do a review or tutorial on if you guys want, just comment and let me know. Anywase, bronzer really helps to even out my face tone with the rest of my body. :) I was almost out of bronzer and I had about $2 to my name and didn't want to spend it. So I mozied over to my spice cabinet and made me some homemade bronzer which works just as good as cover girl brand! BTW, I <3 Comments!

For this bronzer, you will need Cocoa Powder, Corn starch, Ground Cinnamon, turmeric, nutmeg, and something to put this in (i used an old nutmeg container but you can use eye shadow sample jars or mint containers) 
Cocoa Powder = depth and darkness
Cinnamon = adds the bronziness and is really good for skin
Nutmeg = sun kissed glow
Turmeric = sun tanned look (oompa loompa ladies, don't go overboard)
Cornstarch = thickens it up and lightens it a little

So with that you can either follow my recipe or create your own measurements based on the look you want to create! I mixed 1 1/2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, 1/2 tablespoon of cornstarch, 1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon, and a dash, JUST A DASH, THIS STUFF IS ORANGE, of turmeric. Then I spooned the mixture into an empty nutmeg jar. (All the nutmeg was gone :( guess I just won't have a "sun kissed glow") This container worked really well because it had the sprinkle attachment which works great for makeup. Next I put everything on and screwed the lid shut. TIP: Take the label off and use the white side to right "Bronzer" on it and super glue it back on. To use: Sprinkle a little in the lid, using a fluffy brush, grab a little bronzer and brush on the apples of your cheeks and your temples. Now you should look like this:  :D

You're all beautiful,
Madolyn <3

DIY Primer

As you will all soon find out, one of my favorite things ever is DIY (Do It Yourself) I'm in high school so I obviously don't have a ton of money to go spend on makeup. So I was doing my daily Pinteresting and I came across a BUTTLOAD of DIY makeup recipes! Best thing ever. Because of that, my next few posts are going to be about DIY makeup. Again, feel free to comment and request tutorials, pictures, videos or anything.

Okay so I had this little pot that used to have gel food coloring in it but it was all gone, so I rinsed it out really good so none of the coloring was left. Then I took about a half teaspoon of petroleum jelly and a teaspoon of cornstarch and mixed it up in the pot. THIS WAS REALLY HARD! I had cornstarch flying everywhere and it was just a mess, so I would add this next ingredient BEFORE you start stirring, please be smarter than me ladies. The last ingredient is liquid foundation. I just used my cover girl foundation that I use everyday. I didn't use a set amount, just kinda played it by ear but you should be safe with a half teaspoon to start out with, depending on how thick you like your primer. (I like mine thick) This primer worked just as good as my beauti control primer for dance and it was a whole lot cheaper. There are some super cheap primers on the market such as L.A. Colors and E.L.F. I haven't tried either of them and to be honest, I had never used primer before I was in competitive dance and it has really helped keep my eye shadow from creasing. God bless eye shadow primer!

                                                                                               You are all beautiful,
                                                                                                       Madolyn <3

Thursday, February 21, 2013

First Post!

OKAY! Hi everyone! My name is Madolyn and imma type things here! So lately I've been watching a lot of beauty guros on Youtube and I thought it would be really cool to kind of start one..? So for now im just going to post pictures and written posts but maybe if you guys would like, I can start doing tutorials and tags and all kinds of fun stuff! Im apologizing now for the poor quality pictures and possibly videos.. everything I post is through an iPad and as cool as these things are, the picture quality isn't as great as a regular digital camera. Sorry! So um yeah I think that's about it. I would really appreciate it if some of you guys would comment and let me know some video ideas you would like to see or a tutorial you've been wondering how to do. I promise, I loved getting comments on my previous blog, ( it was like opening up a Christmas present every time I got an email, so please do comment!

A little about me: I'm 15 years old, in competitive dance, show choir, concert band/marching band. (I play flute) I'm also really into hair and makeup, I have brown hair and brown eyes and I really hope to help any of you who seek it! :}

                                                                                                 You are all beautiful,
                                                                                                       Madolyn <3