Thursday, February 21, 2013

First Post!

OKAY! Hi everyone! My name is Madolyn and imma type things here! So lately I've been watching a lot of beauty guros on Youtube and I thought it would be really cool to kind of start one..? So for now im just going to post pictures and written posts but maybe if you guys would like, I can start doing tutorials and tags and all kinds of fun stuff! Im apologizing now for the poor quality pictures and possibly videos.. everything I post is through an iPad and as cool as these things are, the picture quality isn't as great as a regular digital camera. Sorry! So um yeah I think that's about it. I would really appreciate it if some of you guys would comment and let me know some video ideas you would like to see or a tutorial you've been wondering how to do. I promise, I loved getting comments on my previous blog, ( it was like opening up a Christmas present every time I got an email, so please do comment!

A little about me: I'm 15 years old, in competitive dance, show choir, concert band/marching band. (I play flute) I'm also really into hair and makeup, I have brown hair and brown eyes and I really hope to help any of you who seek it! :}

                                                                                                 You are all beautiful,
                                                                                                       Madolyn <3


  1. Please add more sheet music to flute and tenor sax...thats one of my fav sites for pop music and the onlyvonenin note form... :(