Friday, February 22, 2013

Lipsticks Double as Cream Eye Shadow?

A couple weekends ago I was at a show choir competition with my friends and we were all sitting in our room getting our makeup on and one of my friends had this Revlon cream eye shadow. She let me use some of it and it was the most amazing thing ever! You just use your fingers to put it on and it was full of rich, deep color. I loved it! Again, with only $2 to my name, I was broke. So I came home and tried to figure out a way I could dupe it. I don't wear lipstick on a regular basis but I had a shimmery light pink in my makeup bag I had bought for homecoming, a mauveish color from dance the year before, and a bright red from musicals. *flash back* ......When I was little, when my mom would put my makeup on me for a dance recital, she would use red lipstick on my cheeks to get a brighter colored blush......
So what if I put it on my eyes as cream blush?! Oh wait! now I can also use it as a cream blush! I swear, lipstick has so many uses! Now I will go to my local dollar store and spend my $2 on cheap lipstick to use as cream makeup products! Woooo! Yay for being thrifty! Oh BTW, any kind of cream eye shadow creases very badly so I would suggest using your favorite primer. You can make your own here:
Anyone want a tutorial for a look using "cream" products?

You are all beautiful,
Madolyn <3

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